Give it, don’t bin it
for students living off campus

Collection Bank locations

Listing all locations…

  • Landcross Rd, Fallowfield, Manchester M14 6LZ, UK
  • Whitby Rd, Manchester M14 6QL, UK
  • Booth Ave, Manchester M14 6RB, UK
  • Evelyn St, Fallowfield, Manchester M14 6WF, UK

Yes Please

  • Clean and reusable items – clothing, paired shoes, books, CD’s & DVD’s, small electricals (e.g., hairdryers, toasters) pans and crockery

No Thanks

  • Dirty and damaged items
  • Sharp items such as knives
  • Duvets, pillows and bedsheets
  • Toiletries and laundry items
  • General waste

How to donate food

Please donate your surplus food items. Please make sure food items are unopened, non-perishable and in-date.

The Trussell Trust - Stop UK Hunger

Find your nearest donation point on The Trussell Trust website.

You can also donate items at the pop-up donation sites on 29 and 30 June.