Give it, don’t bin it
for Students living off campus

You make good things happen.

Since 2012, donations from students have helped raise up to £1.3 million for the British Heart Foundation – Thank you!

A whopping 289 tonnes of items donated to the British Heart Foundation

A massive £500,000 to help support lifesaving research.

4 Heartstart schemes
240 defibrillators awarded
350,892 free heart health resources
51 organisations CPR trained
26 British Heart Foundation Retail Shops

The equivalent of 4,000 meals to help local people in food poverty

Donate your unwanted items…

A single bag of donations could be worth as much as £14

© British Heart Foundation, 2019 Reproduced with kind permission of the British Heart Foundation

We have delivered ‘give it don’t bin it’ packs to your homes in parts of Ardwick, Fallowfield, Hulme, Levenshulme, Moss Side, Old Moat, Rusholme, Withington and several blocks in the city centre.

Each pack includes British Heart Foundation bags for your unwanted items. If your property has individual bins, we’ve also included blue and brown bags for your surplus recycling.

British Heart Foundation donation banks are located across Manchester. Simply put your unwanted items into a British Heart Foundation bag and drop them off at any one of the donation banks before you leave.

Get extra bags

Extra bags are available from Manchester Student Homes offices in Fallowfield and Fallowfield Owens Park Campus.

Duvets and Pillows

Remember to take your duvets and pillows home with you. Please do not put them in the general waste bins or British Heart Foundation donation banks.

Collection Bank locations

Listing all locations…

  • 22 Ladybarn Ln, Manchester M14 6WP, UK
  • Bax Rd, Manchester M13 0FT, UK
  • Chester St, Manchester M1, UK
  • Moseley Rd, Manchester M14, UK
  • 128 Ladybarn Ln, Manchester M14 6YH, UK
  • Whitworth St W, Manchester M1, UK
  • 49 Landcross Rd, Manchester M14 6LZ, UK
  • 50 Mabfield Rd, Manchester M14 6LW, UK
  • 1 South Grove, Manchester M13 0AU, UK
  • 5 Granville Rd, Manchester M14 6AD, UK
  • 262 Wilmslow Rd, Manchester M14 6ND, UK
  • 17 Booth Ave, Manchester M14 6RB, UK
  • 1 Ladybarn Rd, Manchester M14, UK

Yes Please

  • Clean and reusable items – clothing, paired shoes, books, CD’s & DVD’s, small electricals (e.g., hairdryers, toasters) pans and crockery

No Thanks

  • Dirty and damaged items
  • Sharp items such as knives
  • Duvets, pillows and bedsheets
  • Toiletries and laundry items
  • General waste

…then recycle what’s left

Do your bit and recycle as much as possible

Please ensure that you take your bin out on bin collection days between Monday 4th June to 9th July. If your property has communal bins and bin stores, please continue to recycle as usual.

did you know you can recycle up to 70% of your rubbisH?

What to put in the blue bins

  • Cardboard
  • Food and drink cartons
  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Comics and waste paper
  • Pizza boxes

What to put in the brown bins and bags

  • Plastic bottles
  • Milk bottles
  • Foil and takeaway trays
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Tins and cans

Since 2012, donations from students have helped raise over £1.3 million for the British Heart Foundation – Thank you!

Best reuse and waste prevention project of 2017 (CIWM Sustainability and Resource Awards).

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